Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to get targeted traffic?

It seems that many people have skipped over getting random traffic to their sites and now are deciding on targeted traffic. Who can blame them? Targeted traffic leads to much better conversions and they understand that spending extra money for this kind of traffic is better off for them in the long run.

What does targeted traffic mean?

Some people do not know what targeted traffic fully means and if you do please skip this section of this article because it will just cover things that you already know of.

Targeted traffic means that the visitors that are going to your site already have a preset knowledge of what they are looking for. So if your site is about training dog’s targeted traffic will be visitors that want to know about how to train their dogs. This gives you visitors that not only will stay longer at your site but also increase the conversions that you may have if you’re selling a product.

How can i get targeted traffic?

Targeted traffic can come in a variety of ways; one of the most common ways comes from using article to generate this kind of traffic. When someone searches for a topic and comes upon your article you are immediately attracting the attention of that visitors. Many times you are able to put some sort of link back to your site, which will then give you targeted traffic.

Another way that is new yet still very useful and strong is using yahoo answers. For these though you need a yahoo answer account that is at least level 2. Yahoo answers is a Q&A type of site and if someone wanted to know what are the best ways to treat acne you can answer it plus add your link to the bottom as a source. Yet these take a long time to do so it is best that you outsource these to someone with experience. I use, they do a good job of providing me with great traffic plus targeted visitors.